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Asbestos Overcladding

Overcladding Asbestos On Garage Roofs Glasgow


We provide overcladding roof refurbishments which are quick to install and incredibly cost effective. This includes removing asbestos sheets that are already there, replacing them with brand new roof sheets. Other than removal another popular option is overcladding of an asbestos roof sheet it’s a cost effective roof refurbishment process that minimizes the disruption at your home. The roof overcladding process also reduces the costly removal and disposal of the existing asbestos roof sheeting that must be landfilled if removed.

Should we find asbestos then we will insist you have that removed or some insulation is carried out, your options are to either clad over existing asbestos sheets to maintain the condition of the sheet or to remove the materials that contain the asbestos and we then re-clad your roof.

Cladding Over Asbestos Sheeting & Asbestos Roofs Glasgow

Exterior cladding over asbestos sheets is better than exposing it to the Scottish weather, especially if you stay in an area where there has been storm damage in the past. We can provide a full exterior cladding installation over your roof.

By fully enclosing the asbestos with vinyl or aluminium you can be sure it won’t damage and keep your home safe.

The other reason people have cladding installed on their roof is that it prevents any water leaking through and protect it from harsh weather. The cladding we install is stylish and efficient and safe, it’s no secret what can happen with cheap cladding that is not installed correctly. We make sure it’s high-quality products and that it’s installed safely.

In terms of the Glasgow market, Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions are a great choice when it comes to cladding your roof. Your overcladding comes with extensive guarantees, We are in a fortunate position to pass on part of our discounted prices we receive from our suppliers as we are not tied to any one supplier. Contact us today for cladding roofs in the Glasgow area.

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